Wednesday, June 11, 2008


1 The kind of language he used in 20 but not in 11 (5,7)
9 Out-of-towner is said to have appeared in Merchant of Venice (7)
10 Less transparent gemstone falls short. Some varnish? (7)
11 After Quebec and India, a drama (5,3,6)
13 Arab statesman equally unhappy (5)
14 Pontius Pilate might have used this sailor with degree of
wickedness (4,5)
16 Attack exocet going wayward in turbulent air (9)
18 Soldier has majority of best insults (5)
20 Comedy of interest the law corrupted (3,7,4)
24 South American money people (7)
25 International organisation lacking morals let off (7)
26 Store takes Roller from petty crim (12)

1,23 Play sounds more regal (4,4)
2 Edgy souvenir shy one camouflaged (7)
3 Tensile member pulls at stocking (9)
4 Fellow back to take in superior Irish girl (5)
5 Sounds like boot-scooters will perform this at Chinese New Year (4,5)
6 Philosophical dichotomy expressed in military acronym (5)
7 Cruise South first, capturing tin monitor (10)
8,17 His calendar is out of date but he still has a month for play (6,6)
12 The kind of alibi without which one might be sunk (10)
14 Toilet visits were overwhelming experiences (4-4)
15 Gorgeous gal grabs a gun. Think nothing of it (9)
17 see 8
19 Papal edict - tail docking a certainty for beast of burden (7)
21 Perhaps non-callow sallow? Othello's fellow swallows millions (5)
22 Queer sounding line most direct for sailor (5)
23 see 1


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kikz said...

i'm so impressed and jealous at the same time>:)

these are works of art, noby:)

i just don't hav the brain anymore to go toe to toe :(

seems like there'd be someplace you could get some gold, for your efforts on these....

maybe some 911 themed ones or the like?

nobody said...

Good God kikz!

What are you doing here? This is the arse-end of the world don't you know.

I don't actually care for money. I'd just be happy if somebody did these. I kind of looked into putting this out there publicly but it's murderous. There's too many people making a living out of it. And they are utterly uninterested in coves like me giving it out for free. If you put 'free cryptic crossword' into google you'd probably have to wade through thirty pages of results before you found me. And the crazy thing is that those thirty pages aren't actually free at all. Can you dig the logic?

In the meantime, I get the itch to make one every month or so. I'd do it more often if there were people interested. But there ain't. Still, they do look pretty don't they?

Sim said...

This website is clearly a CIA, FBI MOSSAD MUFC or WI asset.

One has only to Goolge " Tricked by pudding man" to reference this. Callsign n, you should be SHUT DOWN FOR THIS - just like those wikileaks skumbagz LOL.

OK, I'm writing bollocks - (which is, by the way, the answer to 16 down ? and I claim my £5.00 + 29% VAT), via my invoice dated 010111 or thereabouts).)


Seriosuly - what a great idea for a blog! (smiles) - so different from your other blogs, (those that I've read or half read (or less) and, yet entirely engaging...)

I actually gave up crosswords in 1983 (or 1898) when The Telegraph (during that other temporary recession) sacked the Crossworder and began, instead, to provide clues generated by some (obviously?) 1980's softbot.

I would claim copyright on "Softbot" by the way - except that I have identified that word (those words
?) as the answer to your 39 across. I'll leave it to the wit of others to determine which 39 across of course ( otherwise my claim could be for £10.00 plus corporation tax (curtailed due to...(26 Up))

PS - Barclays (OK so the name Barclays apparently is "exempt" from the bank- bailouts (apart, from which, Barclays is the answer to 666 Sideways (and that will be 15 Guineas >cash - anyway, Barclays are calling me today to interview me re a job - "selling", can you believe, from a call centre in Liverpool - (not the Novia Scotia one) regardless of my current parlous (2 across, many crosswords)I will, (quite nicely) be telling them to 6 Across - see Yukfu for details plus 15 % of all profits will be sent to Les Visible... (see 123...and step Across, it's the new Shangi-Lah

Evening ends.


Noddy - Nobody, sorry - thanks for a great education (even though Im 49 LOLhaha)

OK Nobody - I'm calling you on this; these crossword are bollocks - all of them - albeit, very,very-clever-bollocks or my name is not Nitram Snaker - with apologies to all of you smug, bearded, smoothy, left/right wing bald/rich/poor/student/cop/public sector/ private sector chavs and aristos out there who happen to be wrong-thinking bastards and genuises who do attend and present all of the answers...

nobody said...

MK what are you doing mate? You're all over the shop. I posted you an answer back on the Vietnam page.